Case Studies

Client – Bacardi-Martini


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Brand – Bombay Sapphire Gin 70cl & 1.5L bottles, UK market.

LightPad™ Types – Motion Activated for Free-pour bottles & Vibration Activated for Optics bottles.

Campaign Objectives – To draw attention to the iconic blue Bombay Sapphire gin bottle and provide outstanding stand-out value behind-the bar.

Campaign delivered – Bombay Sapphire 70cl & 1L bottles carrying Free-Pour Motion-Activated LightPads™ that activated for 10 seconds when a bartender poured a measure.

Bombay Sapphire 1.5L bottles carrying Vibration-Activated LightPads™ illuminated the product with an attention grabbing 10 second burst of intense, deep blue light, each time a drinks measure was dispensed from the optics device into a glass.

Client measured a 4x sales increase in participating UK on-premise outlets as a direct result of the ‘LightPad™’ promotion.



Client – SABMiller Pivovary Topvar

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Brand – Saris Draught Beer 0.5L beer mugs, Slovakia market.

LightPad™ Type – Motion Activated for Glasses

Campaign Objectives: To increase sales of Saris draught and bottled beers

 Campaign delivered – Motion activated LightPads™ encapsulated in a customised plastic moulding that fitted into the underside of standard Saris 0.5L beer mugs. The LightPad™ Illuminated the beer each time the glass mug was picked up. The LightPad™ unit was dishwasher proof and lasted for up to 12 weeks.

In an off-premise campaign consumers were encouraged to find the winning code printed under a Saris beer bottle lid & then to send the code by sms or via the web to win a Saris glowing glass.

In an on-premise campaign consumers were encouraged to collect promotional stickers with each 0.5L of Saris draught beer purchased. With 15 stickers collected, they could receive a Saris glowing glass from the bartender.

Client – Nestlé Waters


Brand – Perrier Water 70cl bottles, Brasil market.

LightPad™ Type – Music Activated.

Campaign Objectives – To raise the profile of Perrier water in upscale bars and clubs and to position Perrier as a fashionable alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Campaign delivered – Perrier 75cl bottles carrying Music Activated LightPads™ that pulsed the bottles with light in time to the music playing in the bar/ club.           

Client – Pernod Ricard

Brand – Absolut Vodka 1L bottles, Canada market

LightPad™ Type – Light Activated

Campaign Objectives: To increase PR opportunities for the launch of a new Absolut bottle design by targeting journalists with an innovative direct marketing campaign to create an attention grabbing story.

Campaign delivered – Absolut bottle fitted with Light Sensitive LightPads™ that automatically triggered an attention grabbing lighting effect throughout the bottle when the journalist opened the bottle’s packaging.