The LightPad™ is a smart electronic sticker for illuminating the contents of bottles and other types of packaging. The illumination effects can be designed to last for hours or even weeks and can be activated in a variety of ways. LightPad™ batteries carry a 2 year lifetime guarantee from the date of manufacture (assuming the LightPad has not been switched on and has been stored correctly throughout that period).

LightPads™ offer an exceptional return on investment versus more traditional advertising and marketing methods. In one on-premise brand promotion, a major brewery measured a 20x uplift in sales as a direct result of using on/off switch activated LightPad™ illuminated beer bottles in a competition based promotion. In another example a global gin brand measured a 4x sales uplift as a direct result of using motion activated LightPads™ on their freepour bottles behind the bar.

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Client branding on the front



Technology on the reverse

LightPads™ are used by many of the world’s leading brands and can be fully branded with client artwork. Here are a few examples.

Designed for use in ice buckets

LightPads™ are resistant to humidity and temperature extremes, are water resistant and can be immersed into buckets of ice and water without affecting their performance.

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Customised to suit the container and the brand  

LightPads™ come in a range of sizes to fit beverage bottles from 33cl/ 12oz right up to 6L (including champagne/ sparkling wine sized bottles) as well as other container and packaging types used in the foodstuffs, cosmetics and perfumery industries.

LightPads™ are available in a complete range of illumination colours including white, pink, rosé pink, red, orange, amber, yellow, green, blue, purple and UV. We can also blend colours to exactly match the illumination colour to the brand.


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The ability to trigger LightPads™ using a variety of different methods offers brands powerful marketing and promotional opportunities

On/ off switch activated LightPads™

Manual on / off switch activated LightPads™ are typically used for table service in bars and clubs and also for point of sale display. They are available in a range of lighting effect types including solid (continuously) on, shimmering, pulsing or flashing. Different combinations of LED colour are possible within the same LightPad™, for example red, white and blue shimmering or alternate pulsing from one colour to the next.

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Motion activated LightPads™

Motion activated LightPads™ are designed for use on free-pour bottles and drinks glasses and temporarily illuminate the contents each time the bottle or glass is poured or picked up.

Motion activated LightPads™ for drinks glasses can be customised to be dishwasher resistant so they remain attached to the glass over weeks of continuous washing.

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Colour changing motion activated LightPads™

Colour changing motion activated LightPads™ are also available. These illuminate a bottle with a solid (constant) light effect when the bottle is at rest on the table. Each time the bottle is poured the light colour changes.

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Vibration activated LightPads™

Vibration activated LightPads™ activate on detection of tiny vibrations. They can be used on bottle optics dispensers to illuminate the bottle contents when a measure is dispensed from the device.

Vibration activated LightPads™ can also be used on-shelf in-store. They illuminate the bottle when a competitor product on the shelf is moved. This diverts the shopper’s attention away from the competitor bottle. 

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Music activated LightPads™

Acoustically activated Music activated LightPads™ pulse light through the bottle in time to the bass beat of the music playing in a bar or club. They have an embedded microphone that reacts to the music in the venue so they will respond to any and all music playing in their exact location.

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Light activated LightPads™

Light activated LightPadsautomatically shut down when the lights go out. So they turn themselves off when they get packed into boxes, cartons and multipacks and automatically turn on again when the box is opened.

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Wirelessly activated LightPads™ – activate using a remote control unit

Wirelessly activated LightPads™ can be triggered using a remote control unit from hundreds of feet away. In manual mode at the push of a button, the remote can trigger different illumination effects to multiple bottles in bars, clubs or even sports stadiums. 

The remote can also be directly connected to a music system where it can detect the beats of the music and transmit that information to the wirelessly activated LightPads™. This allows a DJ to synchronise the illumination of multiple bottles in time to the beat of the music playing in a venue.

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Wirelessly activated LightPads™ – also activate using a transmitter LightPad™

Transmitter LightPads™ attach to free-pour bottles. When the bottle is poured the transmitter LightPad™ illuminates its own bottle contents. Simultaneously the transmitter LightPad™ sends a signal to any nearby wirelessly activated LightPads™, remotely triggering multiple other bottle illuminations behind the bar.

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LightPad™ Commercial Applications

LightPads™ offer brands an opportunity to engage with customers in innovative ways and to add value to the consumer experience. The applications are many and varied. Cognifex offers expert guidance and advice on how best to utilise its technology with client brands.

New product launches/ Reinventing existing products

Brand illumination is ideal for new product launches and for reinventing existing products where it can be used to help position brands as innovative and exciting. For example in a sports bar a bartender can remotely flash all the bottles fitted with wirelessly activated LightPads™ when a team scores during a televised sporting event.

Competition based promotions

Competition based promotions offer huge scope for encouraging product trial where, for example, ‘winning’ beer bottles fitted with on/ off switch activated LightPads™ could illuminate different colours, or special edition bottles carrying light sensitive LightPads™ could suddenly illuminate when a multipack containing the bottle is opened.

Raising brand awareness

For on-shelf, point of sale applications in-bar and in-store, LightPads™ will attract a consumer’s attention at the point of purchase and significantly influence buying behavior. For example using motion activated LightPads™ on free-pour bottles that illuminate when the bartender is pouring a drink will draw attention to the brand. Or in a store, using vibration activated LightPads™ on bottles that suddenly illuminate when a competitor bottle on the shelf is moved will attract the shopper’s attention away from the competitor bottle.

Target marketing

The ability to trigger LightPads™ in a multitude of ways helps brands to target market to specific groups, genders and age brackets. For example clubbers with bottles carrying music activated LightPads™ that synchronise their flashing effects in time to the music.